Breaking Beauty Barriers

May 30, 2024

Meag Gallagher, an American comedian and actress, enjoys sharing makeup tutorials on YouTube. What makes her videos unique is that Meag has been living with quadriplegia since 2005, after a car accident left her paralyzed from the chest down. Since then, she has had to adapt to several new challenges, including adapting her makeup routine. For her, sharing these experiences is a way to offer hope to others similar situations.

Due to contractures in her hands, Meag cannot apply makeup as she did before her injury. Instead, she has taught herself to use makeup brushes in place of fingers, affectionately calling them her “Barbie paws.” Throughout her tutorials, she humorously addresses the challenges of applying makeup in her circumstances, even joking about using her mouth to hold items or open caps.

“Yeah, so get over it. Sometimes I’ve got to put brushes in my mouth to make things work,” she says.

To listen to her latest work, download “Vampire Wars: Adopted Daughter” narrated by Meag. This audiobook, part one of a four-book series by Tom Doganoglu, debuted in 2024 and carries a Goodreads score of 4.2.

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