“Challenging Reality” with Pictures

February 3, 2014

Winter Photo: Jay Scott

Photo: Jay Scott

An innovative new blog, “Challenging Reality,” is a collection of artistically photographed barriers like the major snow scene at left, along with information and ideas about how quadriplegics can overcome those barriers.

The website focuses on challenges and solutions relevant to people with quadriplegia.  The primary contributor and creator, Jay Scott, is quadriplegic himself, and a talented writer and photographer, who lives in Canada.

Scott looks for technological and creative solutions to quad problems: new push rims, door openers, better gloves, bag clips, arm garters, can openers, kitchen knives, etc. Jay writes about how his discoveries have made his life easier and better.  He is an honest voice of experience.

Push Rim Photo: Jay Scott

Push Rims photo: Jay Scott

Scott says, “for every push of the wheels with paralyzed hands, coated hand rims make all the difference. Losing your grip part way through a push wastes energy, can cause a loss of balance and, if it happens on a slope, can make you need to stop, straighten out, and restart your climb.”

Photo: Jay Scott

The Gloves photo: Jay Scott

Scott says, “These rubber-palmed, leather, quad wheelchair gloves (quad because of their lack of fingers and wrap-around style) provide protection from the disproportionate amount of use hands go through on a daily basis. They are, for me, shoes, brakes, warmth, a means to hold on to tools and utensils, a source of rigidity for my fingers, friction for countless applications and an item that spends more time on my body than off of it. This well-used pair is very near retirement.”

Scott’s focus is on “ growing the content that I, as a tetraplegic, know best, with the help of others who wish to share the things that cause them to struggle, and the technology that they use to make their lives easier.”  He welcomes responses, suggestions and feedback. Email: [email protected] Check out the blog:


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