Dancer and Choreographer Honored with 3Arts Community Award

November 9, 2017

Ginger Lane has used movement and dance as an escape since childhood. “I see dance as both an internal way of comforting and not feeling so alone,” said Lane. “Expressing to the world that it doesn’t matter, I can make the best of a bad situation through movement.”

Ginger Lane, pictured second from left.

When Lane became quadriplegic in 1984 at age 44, she didn’t give up her career as a successful dancer and choreographer. Lane has since collaborated and performed with The Joffrey Ballet and for ten years was a member of Dance>Detour, a company of dancers with and without disabilities. She has been performing and choreographing with MOMENTA since 2003, and as Coordinator of the Arts & Culture Project at Access Living, Lane has produced the physically integrated dance concert Counter Balance.

Recently, 3Arts, a Chicago-based nonprofit grantmaking organization, honored Lane with their 3Arts Community Award for her work in dance and choreography. Along with the award, 3Arts created the video below to highlight the impact dance has had on Lane’s life – before and after her spinal cord injury.

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