Living with a Disabled Spouse

June 15, 2020

Marriage is one of the hottest topics among members of our private Facebook group. In a recent thread, we asked a question about marriage, which brought more than 75 responses.

As you read a sample of the comments below, you can tell that the responses are real, and that they come from people who are actually living with paralysis.

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Question: How is your marriage working?

Stephanie: I met my husband 9 years after my injury. Met…got engaged, and married within 5 months. Our families were very supportive even though I am living with a disabled spouse. We have 2 kids they are 14 and 13.

Ofure: I suffered a spinal cord injury 2 months after my wedding. My spouse and I are doing well. We now have a baby girl. But there are many superstitious beliefs surrounding spinal cord injury in my country. Most people don’t even believe you can have sex, let alone get pregnant. My parents were never really in support of me getting pregnant. But I thank God we did it against all odds. My daughter is a great blessing to us??

Adam: I am c5/6 incomplete quad.
I was married 9 yrs with 2 kids @ time of my accident.
3 years later my long-time wife said she wanted to separate.
I didn’t take it very well. Not a proud moment in my life.
Fast forward 18 months, I am living by myself, 50/50 custody of my 2 kids. Working 4 days a week. I am hoping a meaningful relationship is ahead of me & possibly more children.
These hard circumstances make us who we are, they make us stronger & better as a person.
I have dated many women in the time I have been single. Thankfully, my SCI has never been viewed as a big issue.

Todd: I was blessed with an amazing family during the most difficult time in my life. They gave me hope & a reason to fight as hard as possible to beat this! I was single when I was injured in 2016… I’m T6 thru T12 & L4&5 para & thought I would spend the rest of my life alone until I met my now fiancé – 8 months post. She’s one of the kindest, caring & 100% genuine people I’ve ever met… She has 3 children who quickly grew very attached to me as I also did to them. She does not mind living with a paraplegic husband at all.

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2 responses to “Living with a Disabled Spouse”

  1. Catherine Ann Humberg says:

    Hey !!! Guys & Gal-es. Just found this site, which is nice. I’m from the Pacific Northwest, but may be leaving soon (Smile.) My Dear Disabled Veteran Hubby and my Service /dog Make this all possible. I have at least one daily grand mal seizure per day., My dog was individually trained = by ME. DON’T TAKE ANY .CRAP LIVE WELL & PROSPER !!!

  2. Keoneau says:

    I want a wife

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