New Drug Enables Spinal Cord to Repair Itself

Clinical Trial of NVG-291 at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

January 19, 2022

Injections of a new drug that enabled paralyzed animals to recover mobility and/or bladder function will begin clinical trials at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago in the second half of this year. The trial will treat both patients with new spinal cord injuries and those with an injury more than three years old.

Two independent studies, recently published in the important scientific journals, Nature and Experimental Neurology, found that NVG-291, a treatment developed by the biotech company, NervGen, substantially reversed spinal cord injury damage in rats. This video, created by NervGen, tells the story.

The new drug is based on the groundbreaking work of neuroscientist Dr. Jerry Silver at Case Western Reserve University, who has spent almost 40 years in spinal cord injury research. Dr. Silver discovered a class of molecules, called chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans, or CSPGs, are present in the scar that forms after the nervous system is injured. The CSPGs prevent the nervous system from repairing itself. NVG-291 was designed to bypass the obstruction and enable the nervous system’s natural repair mechanisms, including plasticity and regeneration of the nerves’ myelin sheath.

“We have been following Dr. Silver’s work for years and are very excited to be the first center working with NervGen on this important spinal cord injury study,” said Monica A. Perez, PT, PhD, Scientific Chair of the Arms + Hands Lab at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago. “The ability of NVG-291 to demonstrate meaningful recovery in motor function, sensory function and bladder control in animal models is exceptional. If these results translate to patients, NVG-291 could redefine the treatment of spinal cord injury.”

NVG-291-R results already demonstrated in animal studies include:

  • Locomotive recovery with a various types of spinal cord injured animals achieving near complete recovery
  • 100% of spinal-cord- injured animals experienced partial or complete recovery of bladder function at the higher doses tested
  • The results were reproduced in multiple studies, labs and preclinical models, including several separate spinal cord injury studies
  • Functional improvement in locomotive and bladder functions was lasting and durable, even after a limited period of daily injections
  • NVG-291-R was found to be relatively simple and non-invasive to administer

For much more about how the clinical trial works and what to expect from this class of drug in the future visit –


81 responses to “New Drug Enables Spinal Cord to Repair Itself”

  1. Roy Burnett says:

    how do I become a part of this study??

  2. I’m spinal cord injury after 1 years 3 months
    Lavel T8

    • Meddy kafuuma says:

      I’m a spinal injury of 4years dislocation of c6 and c7 my Watts number is +256755624690 please give me your number

  3. PRAVEENA G says:

    I am complete spinal cord injury. injury in 2 years complet

  4. Kelley says:

    Will this help me if I am 21 years post complete?

  5. Arvind says:

    How much cost one injection

  6. Deanna Miller says:

    I have a spinal cord injury for 9 1/2 years. My injury is Incomplete C6-C8 spinal cord injury. How do I get into this study?

  7. Sukhpal singh says:

    I am spinal cord complete injury patient. One year eight months

  8. I am spinal cord complete injury d4d5 Level patient. One year eight months ago.

  9. Tamara Searson says:

    We would appreciate more information on this study. Our very healthy 27 yr old son became a T4 incomplete January 2021.

  10. Ravindra Jawdekar says:

    I had Spinal cord injury April 2014 complete injury 7 years

  11. pankaj solanki says:

    c4 c5 level
    how i join

  12. Bob powers says:

    I would be interested in volunteering in this study

  13. Hayley says:

    How does someone become part of the trial? He’s T10 incomplete.

  14. Dr Mahmood Qureshi FRCSEd(Neurosurgery) says:

    As Chair of the Neurological Society of Kenya and President of the continental association of African neurosurgical societies, could I raise an enquiry regarding a collaborative research arm representing LMIC countries. Would be happy to put together a proposal if considered feasible.

    • L S Negi says:

      My son is sci patient since june 2019(3 year 9 month.) How my son can avail the treatment by nvg291 L S Negi dehradun. india. Mob 9968809997

  15. Anju says:

    I am spinal cord injury T12 8years complete mobile number ,9632809556

  16. SUJATA Dhanvij says:

    I m sujata from India i had spinal cord injury from last two years .L1and D12 complete.i want to be part off your trial

  17. kiran kumar egala says:

    i am from india. c5,c6,c7 level spine injured and 20 years of bedridden. how can i join this study as a volunteer if possible?

    • Nikhil rajendra mehetre says:

      I m Nikhil from India i had spinal cord injury from last eleven years . D12 complete paraplagia

  18. Suraj vadhiyari says:

    Hi I am suraj vadhiyari
    I am 33 year old
    I have l1 spine injury before 8.5 year
    My leg are working but I can’t walk and stand
    What can I do?
    You want expiriment of my body
    I am ready
    Please research on my body

  19. Katie says:

    I have Transverse Myelitis and am interested in this study.

  20. Anil kumar says:

    My name Anil kumar I am a spinal cord injury two and half yeras its truely works plese send feed back to me

  21. Shaun Anderson says:

    I have dead feet and bum area with about 40% incontinence. I had a lamanectomy and woke up from the operation like this. Doctors say there is nothing they can do. I walk, but not far, with 1 crutch

  22. VishnuVardhan says:

    I am paraplegic patient past 9yrs from D3D4 partially not complete , how far can this be usable & cost factor kindly let me know .

    Email : [email protected]

  23. Mario lema says:

    I will like to be part of this study and help other people cause I am a person that is been dealing with a spinal cord injury for more then seven year and is very hard and I am familiar with the Shirley Ryan building

  24. I’m spinlcord injury 7 years complete . how ?

  25. Salma ali Ali says:

    I am
    spinal cord injury 1 year 8 month

  26. Lisa Rhaimi says:

    Is it possible to be part of the study please.
    I have RRMS diagnosis since January 2021.
    I am based in Sweden. 🇸🇪

    Thank you very much!
    // Lisa

  27. Janu V says:

    My name is Janu I’m 22years old 2nd half years please feedback give me address nd this available on Indian Medical Center tell me please…

  28. Desiree says:

    Would like to be part of the study! I’m 33 years old was injured 17 months ago. Im injured at c6/c7. Please let me be part of this study.

  29. Nollin lang says:

    I’m injured at t9/L1.please let me be part of this study

  30. Hi I have an injury to T3 and T5 spinal injury due a gunshot 1oyears ago
    I am a paraplegic bounded to a wheelchair.

  31. Is it possible to be apart of the clinical trial having MS in another country? this trial and information has been a huge breakthrough throughout all my research around MS. Please can you advise how to entre the the human trial Phase 2. thank you

  32. Monray Siebrits says:

    Good Day I have spinal injury L5 and S2.
    The nerve grey matter was cut to remove neurofibroma tumours.
    This left me with conus medeladus syndrome effecting me from my knees down and my bladder use.

  33. ivo belforte says:

    Sono affetto da SMSP ed ora ho gli arti di destra in paresi. Riesco ad alzarmi e a camminare con una stampella ma per un tratto decisamente limitato. Questa situazione va avanti da 4 o 5 anni. E’ devastante vivere così, e non sono sicuramente il peggiore.
    Condivido la precedente richiesta, cioè si può partecipare alla sperimentazione da un altro paese? Se si ditemelo che io sono pronto.

  34. Armand Mars says:

    I would like to join too. I am gun shot wounded 1995. Thanks

  35. Ivo Belforte says:

    Direi che la mia disponibilità ad entrare a far parte della sperimentazione fase 2 è completa. Come posso fare abitando in un altro paese? Sono affetto da SM e legato ad una sedia elettronica.

  36. Chandrashekhar B says:

    Please confirm how to contact. Iam suffering with Transverse Myelitis.

  37. Joel de munk says:

    T6 complete interested to know more

  38. Hi
    Been 20 years end 2001 start of 2002 (motorbike)
    Daughter was 2.5 months
    T11 – T12 complete para
    Hand is up for a test subject,
    Please I would like to be able to run around with my first to be grandchild since I missed out with my daughter 🙁 Thank you

  39. Paul Woolley says:

    Interested to hear results

  40. Roseann voigt says:

    Just over a year as incomplete SCI. After 5 back surgeries #2 was my first injury during surgery and # 5 found the second SCI. Would I be a good candidate for this?

  41. Terri Schmidt says:

    I would be interested in more information. T6 – Gunshot wound.

    Thank you, Terri

  42. Antonio says:

    How do I apply for this study

  43. Antonio says:

    How do I apply for this study I wanna be one of the 100 people to try

  44. Nadia debbie says:

    May i be part of this aswell. Im 39. And from south Africa. Im living a life filled with pain, inflamation and with times i have no legs at all.

  45. Bernadine Vos says:

    How can I become part of this? In Pain every day of my life

  46. Gert says:

    Would be interested

  47. lettie says:

    4 years ago, Drs done nerve damage while in theatre. South Africa.
    Was left with a drop foot and use a walking aid is now 74 yrs.

  48. Charles Nel says:

    Good day, where will this trails take place. I stay in South Africa. I’m born as a Spinal Befida.

  49. Angie K says:

    AVM. C5-C7. 11 years ago. Would be interested for next study. Thanks 😊

  50. Coenrad Willem Du Plessis says:

    Hi neck injury is incomplete. C6 and C7 car accident. All the glory to God for helping Dr Silver with his research. Will love it if I can be part of the study.

  51. Coenrad Willem Du Plessis says:

    Hi neck injury is incomplete. C6 and C7 car accident seven years ago . All the glory to God for helping Dr Silver with his research. Will love it if I can be part of the study.

  52. Jolene devins says:

    Iam a t,3 complete injury happened august 31st 2021..would love to try this..

  53. Yo sufrí lesión en mi medula espinal en 2019, no tengo mucha fuerza en mi pie izquierdo, falta de equilibrio y me deshabilitaron permanentemente, me interesa este asunto muchísimo, q puedo hacer para ver si a mi me sirve su proyecto?

  54. UPDATE: For information about the trial, contact Sri Vemulakonda [email protected] The researchers are creating a registry of people who want to be involved either initially or in a second phase.

  55. Arif Faizi says:

    Hello dear I was injured in 2018 by car accident my c6 and c7 got injured I will be very happy to be part of the study and I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin

  56. Bibudhendu Patnaik says:

    My 27 year son has C4/C5 complete injury. In total paralytic condition. No bladder and bowl function. Pl advice whether this will be beneficial to us

  57. Bibudhendu Patnaik says:

    My son met an accident, having complete injuries in C4/C5 level. In complete paralytic condition since last two and half years. Will this treatment be beneficial to him. Pl advice.

  58. Jeffrey Olmstead says:

    I am a C4/5 incomplete spinal cord injured man who has been living with quadriparesis using a wheelchair for 58 years. Despite my disability I have always been active and have lived a very full life. I am in good health. I am married. I would be very interested in being a subject regarding the experimentation of NVG-291. I just found out about this new drug. I live within three hours of Chicago therefore, access to your facility is not an issue. I look to hearing from you. Thank you.

  59. Bhagvan patidar says:

    मैं भारत से हूं मुझे T3 t4 मैं कंप्लीट इंजरी हुई है 14 महीने से बेड पर हूं क्या nvg 291 दवा मुझ पर काम करेगी अगर करेगी तो आप मुझे संपर्क करें धन्यवाद सर 99815 69920

  60. Kevin says:

    Hi, I would like to know more about this treatment and be part of the trials, c6-c7 incomplete. Car accident 1977.

  61. Leonard M. Hillegass says:

    I am interested to learn what other indications have been considered for clinical trials? I would expect bladder function to be one and, if not, I would like to suggest NervGen Pharma consider performing a clinical trial with NVG-291 to determine if it would provide improvement in bladder functions in humans much like were found in their animal model studies. Regaining bladder function (especially control) can present from many causes and is a great unmet clinical need that affects both genders but especially elderly women.

    I am inclined that a clinical trial of address bladder control in affected women would be straight forward and cost much less than trials to address applications like spinal cord injury. I suspect that a bladder control trial would be of short duration and, therefore, should cost less and, if successful, become available for wide use well before clinical trials for the much more difficult to treat and lower chance of success indications
    are completed.

    My wife suffered hash effects from Lyme Disease, just one of the very many causes, that has left her incontinent from late Sept. 2021 to date (Aug. 1, 2022). As a result, the condition hampered her long recovery and now restrictes her activities, our travel & her sleep (mine as well to help her at times) to replace filled diapers (usually 2-3 per night) to name only a few.

    Another quick trial that may offer high probility possible success would be the varied palsies that can accompany some diseases, though often for no known reason, one form of which may present in early untreated Lyme Disease. A palsy manifested early in my Lyme Disease wife’s ordeal. It has not yet completely cleared leaving her mildly disfigured and having mumbled speech.

    I wish NervGen Pharma great success in in their endeavors to bring NVG-291 to market as soon as is possible no matter which indication(s) they choose. NVG-291 is a significant break through med in my opinion.

  62. Harold Bieber says:

    On June 13 2020 i was shot and I’m a T10 – T11 complete and would like to be a part of this if I can

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