Quick Review of SCI Research

June 2, 2022

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center’s (MSKTC) Quick Review of Research is an important resource for people living with spinal cord injury. It provides detailed summaries of recent research studies conducted by the 14 Model System Hospitals, which are national leaders in medical research and patient care.  

Medical research studies can be complicated or difficult to understand and the MSKTC has made it easy to access the latest in spinal cord injury research by using clear, everyday language to answer these specific questions:

  1. What is the study about?
  2. What did the study find?
  3. Who participated in the study?
  4. How was the study conducted?
  5. How can people use the results?

The studies cover a range of SCI research topics including: pain, wheelchairs, rehabilitation, relationships, physical activity, pregnancy and life expectancy. Each review also contains a link to the study itself.

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