Quiz Answer – It’s a water-bottle bidet!

October 4, 2016

If you have a bottle of water, you can clean yourself in the bathroom quickly — even when you’re out and about. This pocket-sized accessory called the Hygienna Solo attaches to a water bottle very easily. It can be discreetly carried in your pocket, purse, briefcase or bag.


The Hygienna Solo

The most important feature is the angle of the nozzle, which is designed to provide a direct flow of water to the desired wash area. The shower-head nozzle produces a gentle stream of water that is more efficient than using toilet paper alone.

Adapting the bottle for those with grip strength challenges is simple too. That’s because the system is completely reusable. The nozzle is washable, and the user controls the bottle to whichever size suits.

You can see and read more here.

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