Spinal Cord Injury Personal Experiences – Dealing with Anger

June 22, 2020

Our private Facebook group, “You Are Not Alone– Dealing with Spinal Cord Injury,” does much more than help individuals find hope; it offers information members count on and often search for.

One of the group’s most powerful topics is how members handle their feelings of anger after a spinal cord injury. In a single thread, over 100 people chimed in on their angry feelings.

Here are a few moving comments that kept the conversations going. The reason they are so powerful? The responses are real, and as you read them you can tell they come from people who are actually living with paralysis.

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Question: How many of you feel angry about your SCI? Can you tell us how you deal with anger?

David: “It’s been 44 years for me … when I get angry I go fishing or lift weights.”

Randy: “It could be worse: the other people who jumped in the pool that day are dead, but I’m still here.”

Jennifer: “I am so angry today and have been paralyzed for 36 years! Some days are better than others. Today is a bad one. The bladder and bowel problems are the worst.”

For much more on how to handle anger, see what others dealing with spinal cord injury have to say.

Cathy: “I was 63 when mine happened. It sucks when your older, cuz we are not that strong anymore. Younger ones could handle it better…but being young also means they haven’t lived much of their lives SCI free!!!!
I believe it’s much sadder for our younger group??

We have lived most of our life walking around freely, no PT, no pain, no UTI’s…. all the other shit that goes with this horrible disability!!!!”

Simon: “I don’t feel angry about my injury. But more angry about the system which lets you down when returning home. It gives me spinal cord injury depression. Because having a spinal cord injury — it’s a specialized area, and many people don’t understand the complexity of our injury. Which not only physically affects us, but more the mental side of our injury. Like at the moment I’m feeling very mixed emotions, the feeling of people around me letting me down.

Debi (A mother) “My son was 31. His wife was pregnant at the time and his accident happened 7 years ago — just before the baby was born. His wife left (no criticism plz) so he was alone and shortly after his wife left his dog unexpectedly died. His pain and anger is what is holding him back. But he works through it.”

Joshua: “I’m 10 years post c5-c6 incomplete and my faith is what keeps me going.”

3 responses to “Spinal Cord Injury Personal Experiences – Dealing with Anger”

  1. Leslie Munday says:

    I am still dealing with the Anger issues 4-1/2 yrs later. I just know in my Heart it will still get better and easier in time. I do get even angrier sometimes because I am angry and I know that REALLY I have no reason to be angry and it does not help my progress.

    • Debra says:

      I agree with you! We have to get to a point where self pity has a place. I find that positive self talk and now support from others makes a huge difference in personal perspective and attitude!

  2. Debra Ludwig says:

    I am 2 years in with my paraplegia. I was 64 when my injury occurred. I was most angry at losing my job as nursing faculty. I have now retired and looking for a new purpose. My anger has now become frustration and tearfulness. I have hope that there is some way I can serve others!

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