Study Discovers Hot Website Topics: Sex, Dating, Relationships

October 13, 2014

sex.hush.hushInformation about sex, relationships and fertility after SCI proved to be the most highly viewed subject areas for visitors to FacingDisability. com. In fact, two out of every 10 website visitors viewed videos on marriage and children, intimate relationships and sex and fertility.

A year-long analysis of nearly 100,000 website visitors who viewed over 300,000 pages revealed that 21 percent of them watched videos that pertained to social life, fertility and family relationships. Most frequently viewed videos answered these questions: What About Sex and Dating? What’s the first thing to know about having sex after a spinal cord injury? Can women still get pregnant after a spinal cord injury? What are common psychological obstacles to sex for men after a spinal cord injury?

Highest views were of videos with answers by expert Diane Rowles, MS, NP, who specializes in SCI rehabilitation. Fully one of every 10 visitors to the website checked out her videos.

These findings were presented by Stephanie Lollino, Executive Producer of, at the recent annual meeting of the Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals. Her presentation concluded with a brief montage of answers to the question “What sex advice and information was most helpful?

“Their answers underline the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done,” said Ms. Lollino.

 To see the full presentation click here.




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