Video looks at College Life After SCI

December 1, 2015

A high-quality video featuring the stories of students with spinal cord injuries who are attending college has just been released by the Shepherd Center. The 12-minute program contains detailed accounts of young men and women — all with different levels of injury –figuring out how to navigate literally anything they want to achieve in a university setting.  The project took nearly a year to complete and was made possible with funding from the NCR Foundation and in conjunction with Ramp-Less-Traveled and Craig Hospital.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.39.54 PM

Screenshot from the video

The video focuses on what it’s like to attend college or university after a spinal cord injury. One of the biggest hurdles is not knowing what college life will be like for someone in a wheelchair.  Once the decision to attend college is made, campus disability services personnel are available to help with the details.  Academic accessibility, such as note and test taking, and e-books, as well as environmental accessibility for classrooms, dorms, and on-campus transportation will all be coordinated through them.  The video shows students who are attending school after injury enjoying the many social aspects of college life – participating in sports, clubs, theater, Greek life, and hanging out with friends.

To see the video click here:

To read more about the personal experiences of students going to college with SCI, read our latest article in New Mobility magazine, Back To School: Stories of Success on Campus written by our Executive Producer, Stephanie D. Lollino.



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