Will You Take Off Your Mask?

by Stephanie Lollino

June 2, 2021

Editor’s Note:

We asked the members of our private SCI Facebook group to weigh-in on the Center For Disease Control’s (CDC) recent decision to lift the mask mandate for fully vaccinated individuals. Their answers were mostly positive, but with many reservations. Some of the responses may surprise you. Here is a sampling of their comments. Last names have been omitted for privacy.

I received my second Moderna vaccination on February 4th. When SARS-CoV-2 (the real name of the virus. COVID-19 stands for COrona VIrus Disease 2019.) was ramping up and getting bad in my area, I only went out ((when I absolutely had to) wearing a Respirator with N100/P100 canisters, along with a face shield and gloves. I still wear an N95 Mask when going out.


I live in a resort county and only 1/3 of the people have gotten the 2 shots! People here think that by wearing a mask on their chin that they are complying! Morons have no idea who they might be killing by their stupidity!


We are still on full lock-down in Ontario, Canada. Most people don’t mind wearing a mask. And I think most people I know are getting vaccinated but our numbers have been high as of lately so that’s why we went back into lockdown pretty much since after Christmas


I live in Massachusetts I will not stop wearing my mask cuz I’m at risk even though I’ve been vaccinated and I will not shop at a store that takes out a sign and says you don’t have to wear a mask. I don’t want to be near anybody nobody really knows much about this and my life is worth too much to take those chances.


I am all for the important safety those with dis-Abilities must have as we go thru our daily living activities. I have some difficulty not only donning a mask because of my dis-Ability but also tolerating the reduced oxygen intake while wearing a mask. As of a few days ago, I don’t always wear a mask because I make sure I social distance when in situations where I can come in contact closer than 6′ of others, even if that means I take myself away from others in the moment they come close to me, a true meaning of “social distancing”. I truly wish others would take this step to ensure everyone is as safe as possible, but, I know not everyone is capable of seeing beyond their own nose.


          @Ricka….Masks do not cause reduced oxygen intake. Doctors and nurses wear them all day. Stop spreading misinformation.


            @Brenda Then it’s the increased heat on your face…it’s very uncomfortable……it sucks


I live in Central Florida. I am fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine. I still use a face mask when going to public places. Most of the people I see around use masks and 50% of the adult population of my county (Orange) is vaccinated, according to the official website.


            @Pedro Here in Volusia, FL most folks aren’t wearing masks, and those who do aren’t covering their noses. Unbelievable.


I’m for it


I live in Columbia County/North Florida and I’m fully vaccinated. Everyone I have to deal with around me is fully vaccinated with the Moderna as well. I’ve tried to encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible.


I haven’t had my vaccine yet but I will definitely be getting one as soon as I can. It has been raining here so it has been hard to get to an appointment as is hard to get out in the rain. I use a mask wherever I go until I get my vaccine


We don’t have to wear masks here and going for the vaccine isn’t mandatory either – New Zealand


I am all for still wearing a mask while being fully vaccinated because I don’t know who around me has been vaccinated and who hasn’t. It’s as much for my protection as it is for those around me.


           @Sarah no matter what you are doing or where you are make sure you immediately walk away from the space you are using if someone fails to social distance


           @Ricka  Absolutely. I think that will be something that I will continue to do for a long while to come.


          @Sarah this pandemic has changed our lives in very profound ways, it’s amazing


            I completely agree, @Ricka. Some of the ways have been really good and others, not so much.


I wear mine still. T4 and have enough breathing problems and am in allergy hell


We have no COVID-19 in New Zealand, so we are very lucky. We only ever had 5 weeks of lockdown. I’m so sorry for those still struggling with it. My thoughts are with you.


Not getting the shot and I don’t wear a mask


Once everyone willing to be vaccinated is vaccinated, rip off the masks. The smart ones are vaccinated, the dumb and selfish ones will die, improving the species. The sad thing is that the selfish ones who will not get vaccinated will kill some who have legitimate medical restrictions against vaccines, but their deaths are on the heads of the antivaxxers. Let the spears fly, I am ready.

(More from ) Michael

Here in Montana, I am fully vaccinated with Pfizer, our campus mask mandate has expired on campus. Vaccinations are widely and easily available on a walk-in basis. My family members and the core group in my laboratory are all fully vaccinated. The couple of undergrads who are not are required to – do wear a mask in my labs. Our local numbers are low. But, I still wear a mask whenever I go in a store out of respect for those who are still in danger and as a symbol that I take this very seriously. But the problem is there are many people who are not wearing masks, and are not getting vaccines, and they are the ones who are dangers to everyone. There’s nothing we can do about those idiots but hope they die.


            @Michael…talk about a cruel statement….just make sure you distance yourself from people, period!


            @Ricka yup, but I am just over idiots dictating our lives. Nothing we do will make them be reasonable, so this is what they get from me.


Cleveland Ohio area, fully vaccinated, fully masked. We need to stay masked for several more months thanks to the mentally challenged people that stopped wearing them


I feel masks are still needed out in public. At home and with family who are fully ‘vaxxed’ not so much.


I’m fully vaccinated and I’m okay without using a mask in my town. My town is very small (1,000 people) so it’s different for me. Whenever I get into the city, doc appt or out on the town, I wear a mask still. I’m not quite comfortable with taking them off completely right now I still worry about getting sick or if they won’t work as effectively as they should. I know the science of it shows they should and I believe that they do. It’s just the uncertainty of it that bothers me I like to have that “control” of knowing.


I wasn’t going to get vaccinated at first, I don’t like the mRNA vaxxes, but I got the J&J because it’s based on the adenovirus type. I have diabetes, heart disease and now kidney disease besides sci and morbid obesity. Oh hell-o yeah I wear a KN-95 outside, or if anyone comes over my house! Wouldn’t want to be without one! My sister almost died last year from Covid. Her heart’s really bad now, she had to have a heart ablation and she can barely walk up one flight of stairs to her bedroom. I stay in most of the time and rarely do people come over, very rarely. Safer that way. Was using an N95 when it was really bad, but can’t breathe in the heat with that now, am home 98% of the time and go out really early to do shopping.

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