Canada Hosts Wheelchair Curling Championship

March 31, 2023

The 2023 World Wheelchair Curling Championship and World Wheelchair Mixed Doubles Curling Championship took place earlier this month at the Richmond Curling Centre in British Columbia, Canada. Teams from around the world, including the top wheelchair curlers from the US, played from March 4-12 for a chance to win the World Championship trophy. 

Though the US team did not “medal” this time around – we thought this video would be a great way for you to see how this adaptive sport is played. 

Wheelchair curling is played with the same rocks and on the same ice as regular curling, though the rocks are thrown from a stationary wheelchair and there is no sweeping. Rocks may be thrown by hand while leaning over the side of the wheelchair, or pushed by a delivery stick — a pole with a bracket that fits over the rock handle, allowing the rock to be pushed while applying correct rotation.

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