Blog – ‘You-Tuber’ with Quadriplegia is not a Cyborg

October 6, 2016

We have shown you his videos before. Dan, a young man with quadriplegia from the YouTube channel, Just Happened To Be has done it again.


VIDEO “Being Human” or: A Thing About Wheelchairs, Robots, and Evolution

He has created something new to show others – able-bodied or not – what living with paralysis actually means. And how it hasn’t changed him that much as a person.


The three minute video is cleverly written and produced, comparing Dan’s adaptive devices to particular points in the evolution of the world and its creatures. If that sounds like a stretch, it is not. Dan connects the unconnected by revealing all his gizmos and gadgets to prove that underneath he is just a guy.


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.30.36 PM

Dan of ‘Just Happened to Be’

Other videos of Dan’s include a review of Disney’s, ‘Finding Dory,’ and a tale about a new LEGO figurine that is also in a wheelchair. You can see all of them here on his Just Happened to Be YouTube Channel.







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