Paralysis and Spinal Cord Injury Medical Expert Interviews

Physical Therapy after Spinal Cord Injury

Physical therapists (PT’s) enable spinal cord injury patients to get out of bed and get around in the world. They focus on teaching strengthening, movement and developing wheelchair skills.

We interviewed four top physical therapists about their work. Their videos focus on what’s important for patients to know about physical therapy (3 Q&A videos). They explain the meaning of  key mobility functions (1 Q&A video) and “range of motion” (3 Q&A videos). They emphasize the importance of proper wheelchair transfers for patients (3 Q&A videos), and how family members can assist transfers (3 Q&A videos).They offer extensive advice and information on wheelchairs--how to select the right wheelchair (2 Q&A videos), proper fitting (2 Q&A videos), tune-ups (2 Q&A videos) and when to switch from a manual to a power wheelchair (1 Q&A video).