close – Connecting Scientists & the SCI Community

These websites provide consumer education sheets on care and medical information for individuals with spinal cord injuries. Here you’ll find family-friendly material on subjects ranging from caregiving, coping, and adjustment, to medical information on skin care, bladder and bowel care, tips for returning to work and selecting a wheelchair, and other pertinent information. These materials undergo expert and consumer reviews to ensure they are up-to-date, evidence-based, and consumer-friendly. – Connecting Scientists & the SCI Community is a website designed to provide up-to-date and user-friendly information about spinal cord injury clinical trials.

It enables individuals to:

  • Search via location, injury details, therapies and outcomes
  • Receive email updates on new trials of interest to them
  •  Find answers for the most common questions about trials
  • Have the clinical information distilled into everyday language
  • Applying quickly and directly to the trials from the web site

Additionally, it is for Investigators to help increase recruitment requests for their respective trials. It aims to balance the needs of both communities, resulting in more people participating in trials, and trials having more candidates to find better matches.