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Discover a closed community where you’re surrounded by others who are living in your world. Membership is strictly limited to people with spinal cord injuries and members of their families.

You can trust what they say. Their feedback is honest. Their support is realistic. Their comments come from their personal experiences– which may be a lot like yours. They offer real-time support whenever you want it.

It’s all spinal cord injury, all the time. Once you join, feel free to browse. Read through the discussions that interest you. Comment and interact when you feel ready.

Active Voices

Our members are surprisingly active! More than two out of three of them, or 67.5%, check out the group every week. Slightly more than half – 51% – engage with the group every single day. That’s how we know it’s making a difference.

Privacy Matters

A closed Facebook group is a place where approved members with specific interests can gather and speak openly–without their usual circle of friends reading along. None of the subjects discussed can be seen on a non-member’s newsfeed. Members are added to the closed group only after answering a series of screening questions specific to spinal-cord-injured individuals. Our group is administrated and moderated by FacingDisability staff.

Below are some examples of typical conversations in our private group: