Personal Interviews About Life With Paralysis
Nobody Knows What You’re Going Through Like Someone Who’s Already Been There

personal experiences with SCI

We videotaped interviews with more than 100 people—mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses and people with spinal cord injuries themselves. We asked specific questions about their own experiences and what they learned that might be helpful to others. People were remarkably open and honest in what they shared. 

After the interviews, we selected each person’s best answers to put up on the website. There are more than 2,000 videos of direct personal experiences with paralysis. It’s easy to narrow what you watch by using filters to limit your search to parents, spouses, siblings, etc. Among people living with spinal cord injuries, you can search by gender, by level of injury (paraplegic or quadriplegic) and by the age at which they were injured.


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Personal experiences in these videos have been chosen from interviews with more than 100 people living with paralysis and spinal cord injury.


Questions about how quality of life will be affected by spinal cord injury is the number-one concern according to psychological research studies. Here are the most helpful answers to the seven most common questions about quality of life.


Q&A: What's been the most unexpected change in your life?

Q&A: What's gotten easier over time?

Q&A: What's gotten harder over time?

Q&A: What's your number-one day-to-day living problem?

Q&A: How do you see your future?

Q&A: What's your main concern about the future?

Q&A: What's the best advice you have for others in your situation?