Stay Safe in Hot Weather: The SCI Guide
by Stephanie Lollino

The extreme heat we are experiencing is creating headlines. It seems as though the temperature hits new highs every day.  It’s uncomfortable fo

Jul 6, 2021
Judy Heumann, Pioneering Disability Rights Activist
She's Considered the Mother of Disability Rights and She's a 'Badass'

Editors Note: Many people in the disability community don’t know the name, Judy Heumann. She was featured in ‘Crip Camp‘ the documen

Jun 10, 2021
Will You Take Off Your Mask?
by Stephanie Lollino

Editor’s Note: We asked the members of our private SCI Facebook group to weigh-in on the Center For Disease Control’s (CDC) recent decision to

Jun 2, 2021
Spinal Cord Injury and Caregivers Study

SupportGroove COVID-19, is a study by Alexandra Terrill, PhD at the University of Utah is currently recruiting people with SCI and their caregivers. T

May 24, 2021
Wait…Disability Can Be…Funny???
by Ben Mattlin

Editor’s note: Ben Mattlin, our guest blogger, has given us a sneak preview of his new book. It’s a section about comic relief, and how pe

May 4, 2021
New Stem Cell Treatment for Paralysis
Shows Early Promise

The search for a stem cell treatment has long been the big hope – a kind of “holy grail” –for spinal cord injury research projects. It jus

Apr 7, 2021
Latest COVID-19 Vaccine Information for People With Disabilities
by Stephanie Lollino

Editor’s Note: As the temperature across the country increases, so does the availability of all three types of the COVID-19 vaccine. People with spi

Mar 3, 2021
“Mother Nature Wants to Kill You”

Editor’s Note: At a time when all of us are tired, stressed and just plain bored with COVID-19 and all the precautions that go along with it, it’s

Mar 1, 2021
“The Jokester And The Life Coach”
A Love Story for Valentine's Day
By Ben Mattlin

For Valentine's Day, here's an edited excerpt from my book about interabled relationships.

Feb 2, 2021
by Ben Mattlin

In Charles Dickens' immortal A Christmas Carol, Tiny Tim—the crutch-using young son of Bob Cratchit—is the epitome of a disability trope.

Dec 8, 2020
“Reasonable Accommodations” For All – Not Just Me
By Ben Mattlin

This summer, at the age of 57, I was finally able to fill out my own census form. In the past, I’ve had to have my wife do it for both of us. Bu

Oct 15, 2020
Voters With Disabilities Face Greater Health Risks During COVID-19

Voting With SCI – Here’s the DealAs the pandemic continues to grow, voters with spinal cord injury face serious risks from COVID-19 due to

Oct 13, 2020