LIVING with a Spinal Cord Injury

I feel it must be said; my spinal cord injury doesn’t define me, it is a part of me, but it in no way defines who I am.

Sep 29, 2017
Films highlighting work by and about people with disabilities

It’s not often enough that movies convey how people with disabilities experience in the world, but when they do, it’s worth taking notice.

Sep 28, 2017
Playing the Online Dating Game, in a Wheelchair

The first time I forayed into online dating, I let my wheelchair show in photos. The good guys, I hoped, would be able to look beyond my disability.

Sep 27, 2017
Disability Advocates Arrested Protesting Medicaid Cuts

Over 100 disability-rights advocates were arrested while protesting the newly abandoned proposal to overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

Sep 26, 2017
Take Back the Kitchen

Getting back into the kitchen after spinal cord injury isn’t easy for most – literally and figuratively.

Sep 25, 2017
‘I feel like a second-class citizen’: readers on navigating cities with a disability

The Guardian, recently asked readers with a disabilities to share their experiences of accessing cities, good and bad.

Sep 22, 2017
How I navigate the NYC subway system in a wheelchair

David Choi exposes the challenges and physical barriers many wheelchair users face when using public transportation.

Sep 21, 2017
App Aims To Help Pedestrians With Disabilities Safely Cross Intersections In East Liberty, PA

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are hoping to help pedestrians with disabilities cross intersections more safely.

Sep 20, 2017

Recently, an important anniversary passed quietly. Important to me, anyway. It was 50 years since the TV show “Ironside” first aired.

Sep 19, 2017
For those adapting to disabilities, sports put focus on what’s possible rather than what isn’t

Adaptive sports are more than just games. They play an essential role in the lives of many people with disabilities.

Sep 18, 2017
UMBC robotics student invents help for those with disabilities like hers

“I’m always asking how technology can help a person who has a disability become more independent,” said Kavita Krishnaswamy.

Sep 15, 2017
Seven Helpful Smart Home Devices for People With Disabilities

While the cutting-edge devices can come at a premium, the increase in independence and safety can be life-changing.

Sep 14, 2017