Battling Accessible Parking Abuse With an App

When you see a vehicle parked illegally, simply launch Parking Mobility, take three photos and tap submit.

Jul 6, 2018
Magee Rehabilitation Creates Accessible Travel Video for People with Disabilities

A new video of helpful tips for people with disabilities who wish to travel by plane while using a wheelchair.

Oct 6, 2017
App Aims To Help Pedestrians With Disabilities Safely Cross Intersections In East Liberty, PA

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are hoping to help pedestrians with disabilities cross intersections more safely.

Sep 20, 2017
UMBC robotics student invents help for those with disabilities like hers

“I’m always asking how technology can help a person who has a disability become more independent,” said Kavita Krishnaswamy.

Sep 15, 2017
Seven Helpful Smart Home Devices for People With Disabilities

While the cutting-edge devices can come at a premium, the increase in independence and safety can be life-changing.

Sep 14, 2017
Meet The Woman Trying To Get Disabled Mannequins Into The Windows Of Britain’s Biggest Shops

Sophie Morgan, a British model, artist and TV presenter, is on a mission to change the way the world perceives disability

Aug 31, 2017
Seven facts about Americans with disabilities

Did you know that Americans with disabilities were more politically engaged in the 2016 election, or less likely to adopt technology?

Aug 10, 2017
Toyota Robot Helps Army Ranger Paralyzed in Afghanistan

Romulo Camargo got a glimpse into the future when he was selected to test Toyota’s Human Support Robot in a three-day in-home trial.

Aug 4, 2017
Paralyzed Former Race Car Driver Takes Jay Leno on a Thrill Ride

Former professional racecar driver, Sam Schmidt took Jay Leno on a spin on a Nevada racetrack in his 2016 fully adapted Z06 Corvette.

Aug 3, 2017
On the Guilty Pleasures of Computer Solitaire: A Defiant Act of Independence – By Ben Mattlin

These words you're reading now are a kind of small miracle. For you see, I can't actually write letters in the conventional sense.

Jul 25, 2017
New Chicago Hospital Invests $600 Million into Bringing Discoveries to Patients Sooner

The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, the new home of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago is now open. The state-of the-art facility is a rehabilitation ho

Apr 12, 2017
Quiz Answer – It’s a Body Stabilizer

It's called a handhold and it helps individuals with certain types of paralysis pull and then hold themselves up to the table.

Feb 21, 2017