Britney Spears Guardianship is a Disability Rights Case
By Ben Mattlin

Last month, pop star Britney Spears went to court to protest the guardianship she’d been under since 2008. She told a judge in Los Angeles that

Jul 27, 2021
Stay Safe in Hot Weather: The SCI Guide
by Stephanie Lollino

The extreme heat we are experiencing is creating headlines. It seems as though the temperature hits new highs every day.  It’s uncomfortable fo

Jul 6, 2021
Spinal Cord Injury and Caregivers Study

SupportGroove COVID-19, is a study by Alexandra Terrill, PhD at the University of Utah is currently recruiting people with SCI and their caregivers. T

May 24, 2021
Nurturing Spontaneity, or Why I Love “The Odd Couple” by Ben Mattlin

My current attendant recently asked if he could leave a couple hours early on Friday.  No big deal, right?

Oct 24, 2017
An Eye-Opening Wheelchair Malfunction – by Ben Mattlin

One summer some years ago, my motorized wheelchair abruptly stopped working. The joystick that controlled it simply would not engage. The chair was de

Jun 28, 2017
Quiz Answer – It’s an adaptive shampoo tray!

There's nothing like clean hair to help someone feel refreshed. This shampoo tray aid is designed to remain in place and fit comfortably

Dec 15, 2016
Indiana Woman with Quadriplegia Gives Birth

Being a parent is tough. Being a mother who can’t move her arms and legs seems insurmountable.

Jun 2, 2016
Nova and Don, a Love Story…

Spinal cord injuries are now occurring later in life. The average age at injury is now 42.6 years. Here's how one senior couple is coping.

Feb 23, 2016
Video looks at College Life After SCI

A new video featuring the stories of college students with spinal cord injuries who are attending college.

Dec 1, 2015
What SCI Family Caregivers Need to Know

A summary of suggestions from the National Caregivers Library on family caregiving after spinal cord injury.

Nov 17, 2015
Back to School: Stories of Success on Campus

Going to college is a major life change for anyone, and it may present an especially daunting challenge for wheelchair users.

Sep 16, 2015
Parents on Call – a reprint in honor of Father’s Day

A thoughtful, provocative and honest reflection on his father by Jeff Shannon, a veteran writer and frequent contributor to

Jun 15, 2015