Marriage and disability
Living with a Disabled Spouse

Marriage is one of the hottest topics among members of our private Facebook group. In a recent thread, we asked a question about marriage, which broug

Jun 15, 2020

The esteemed Public Radio host John Hockenberry and world-famous artist Chuck Close were both accused of sexual improprieties.

Jan 11, 2018
LIVING with a Spinal Cord Injury

I feel it must be said; my spinal cord injury doesn’t define me, it is a part of me, but it in no way defines who I am.

Sep 29, 2017
Paralyzed Olympian walks down the aisle at his wedding

Former Olympic high jumper Jamie Nieto walked his new wife, Shevon Stoddart, down the aisle after a spinal cord injury.

Aug 2, 2017
BLOG – New Video about Sex and Intimacy

A new video in which men and women with spinal cord injuries talk about their experiences with intimacy in a stream of beautifully candid answers.

Sep 21, 2016
Nova and Don, a Love Story…

Spinal cord injuries are now occurring later in life. The average age at injury is now 42.6 years. Here's how one senior couple is coping.

Feb 23, 2016
Study Discovers Hot Website Topics: Sex, Dating, Relationships

Information about sex, relationships and fertility after SCI proved to be the most highly viewed subject areas for visitors to FacingDisability. com.

Oct 13, 2014
FacingDisability Featured in Exceptional Parent Magazine

Parents need all the support they can find concerning children with a spinal cord injury (SCI). shows how parents cope.

Sep 8, 2014
Sex and Dating After Spinal Cord Injury

FacingDisability is shedding a light on the “hush-hush” topic of sex after spinal cord injury.

Apr 30, 2014
Ben Mattlin
Learning to Rock AND Roll

In the 1960s and 70s, most kids with disabilities either didn't go to school or were warehoused in separate (read: segregated) institutions.

Mar 19, 2012
Bride and Groom
Spinal Cord Injury: A Wife’s Perspective

Two years ago, I married the man with the prettiest blue eyes I could find. He’s smart. He’s funny. He’s sweet. He’s handsome. And he gets me.

Jan 23, 2012
Mother, father and son spinal cord injury
Spinal Cord Injury and Marriage

The first three years after a spinal cord injury are hardest on a marriage. That’s one of the results of a recent 15-year-study.

Dec 30, 2011