New Model Systems SCI Factsheets: “Spasticity”
and “Inpatient Rehabilitation Guide"

January 4, 2024

Two newly published Factsheets that summarize the latest medical advice for people living with SCI have just been released from the Model Systems Translation Center (MSKTC).”Spasticity and SCI” details symptoms, causes and management of this common condition that affects 63-90 percent of people with SCI. The “Guide to Inpatient Rehabilitation Services” focuses on post-injury rehab, how to deal with the whole range of rehab specialists and highlights the importance of personal goal-setting.

To create a Factsheet, The MSKTC collects data about the topic from the 18 best SCI research hospitals that are part of the Model Systems across the nation, and puts them into a short handouts, written in plain language that people use in their everyday lives. They are intended to be a starting point for understanding the effects of an SCI, especially useful for newly injured patients.

The “Spasticity” Factsheet covers causes, treatment, management, medications.

The “Inpatient Rehabilitation” Factsheet details the roles of various specialists and how to find the correct facility.

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