Spinal Cord Injury Personal Experience Interviews

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Hospitalization After Spinal Cord Injury

Personal experiences in these videos have been chosen from interviews with more than 100 people living with paralysis and spinal cord injury.


Being hospitalized for a spinal cord injury involves a lot of complicated medical and surgical information. Diagnosis and treatment options are often difficult to understand for both the patient and family. There are always concerns about what the future holds. Here are the most helpful answers to the seven most common questions about hospitalization after a spinal cord injury:


Q&A: What was the hardest part of the first days in the hospital?

Q&A: How did you develop an understanding of the injury?

Q&A: What was your greatest fear at first?

Q&A: How did family members respond to the news?

Q&A: What personal support was most helpful to you?

Q&A: How did you deal with stress at first?

Q&A: What do you wish you had known at the beginning