Every Body Fitness – Online Exercise Class

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Adjusting to change and loss of movement and control after a spinal cord injury is challenging, but not impossible. This section will help you get a jump start in discovering the possibilities of an active lifestyle and resources that can help you achieve that.  

Just about any activity can be adapted to your level of injury, lifestyle, and interests. If you are sports-minded, some of those already established groups for adaptive soccer, adaptive baseball, adaptive sailing, adaptive scuba diving, adaptive golf, adaptive hockey, adaptive skiing, adaptive dance, fitness, and weightlifting programs. Resources for involvement in Paralympic Sport Clubs are also included.

Artistically inclined individuals can learn about adaptive painting and drawing and other adaptive art programs, such as adaptive photography and adaptive music. There are many forms of adaptive equipment that enable involvement in crafts, hobbies, and games.

For the outdoor enthusiast, organizations are listed for adaptive camps, adaptive fishing, adaptive kayaking, adaptive mountain climbing, adaptive alpine ski and snowboarding, adaptive cycling, adaptive boat racing, adaptive whitewater rafting, or other adventure activities. Yes, all of these are possible for persons living with spinal cord injury!

There are also groups that specialize in accessible travel for domestic and international vacations. Resources and travel tips for transport by railroad, airplane, bus, accessible van, and car can help make travel as seamless and hassle-free as possible.  

And for the video gamers, there is accessible technology and equipment. Expand your knowledge and skills -- depending on your level of injury -- by using computer accessibility features, adaptive screen readers, voice recognition programs, adaptive joysticks, adaptive computer tables, and other computer adaptions.

Peer support groups and programs provide helpful tips for re-entering and rediscovering recreational activities that bring joy, nurture relationships, and build friendships. Scroll through this section to explore ways to enhance your physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well being.

Every Body Fitness – Online Exercise Class

Every Body Fitness, an exercise ideology created by Physical Therapist Kristin McNealus, is the first online exercise program for people with spinal cord injuries. The 45-minute Fitness And Strength Training (F.A.S.T.) class is offered online, twice weekly.  The online exercise program is the solution to many wheelchair users’ transportation problems and isolation issues.

Members to the F.A.S.T program can also have access to a support forum where they can track their progress and interact with other participants, increasing the motivation to stick with the program and achieve goals. Benefits of the workout program include strengthening scapular stabilizers, increasing endurance, improving muscle tone, and weight loss, which studies have shown improve mood, increase energy, as well as lower the risk of common health complications associated with spinal injury.