An Honest Wheelchair Love Story

February 2, 2018

CNN covers a young woman named Kristen as she takes us along on a first date – all from the seat of her wheelchair.  She says, “We all have our stuff.”

Getting around in NYC is difficult for the disabled…even harder than dating. So when it comes time for Kristen to make social plans with a potential mate, she has to explain each time. It’s become part of who she is. “Only 35 percent of the train stations here are wheelchair accessible, and cabs pass me up all the time because they don’t want to fold and stow my chair.” It’s just one more thing on her list of extra things to do when she meets new people. Except – even her old friends tend to forget just how important accessibility is when they go places together.

Kristen uses the app, Hinge to find potential matches. “It’s an automatic ‘no’ if the guy isn’t wearing his shirt in the profile.” Watch as Kristen tells more honest truths about finding love and friendship in the naked city – all while disabled.

Dating while disabled

"We all have our stuff." Dating in New York City is hard — almost as hard as getting around the city in a wheelchair. Kristen takes us along on a first date.

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4 responses to “An Honest Wheelchair Love Story”

  1. Walter Irvine says:

    Kristen is beautiful and adorable and I’d date her in a Texas minute. I’ve dated women with disabilities and married one. Unfortunately, my soulmate passed away after 12 years of marriage and I’m devastated but still moving forward. If you open yourself up to love, it will find you.

  2. Cass says:

    I watched this video a couple times, your friends sound awesome, I wish mine were that helpful. I had a stroke when 22, I’m 27 now. It left me in a wheelchair and the last four years have proved that this world we live in is not made for wheelchairs….

  3. BryanneifF says:

    Get me friends plis

  4. RichardSauro says:

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