To Hell and Back: Disability Wisdom
By Ben Mattlin

In the first few days of this year, I was rushed to the emergency room. "We need help," I'd gasped to my wife before she dialed 911.

Apr 4, 2018
New Chicago Hospital Invests $600 Million into Bringing Discoveries to Patients Sooner

The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, the new home of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago is now open. The state-of the-art facility is a rehabilitation ho

Apr 12, 2017
BLOG – Breaking the Bad News

Nobody likes to deliver bad news, including doctors. When the diagnosis is paralysis, there has been a long history of keeping patients in the dark.

Feb 14, 2017
Actor Uses Exoskeleton Onstage

Michael Patrick Thornton is getting rave reviews for his performance as Shakespeare's Richard III while wearing an exoskeleton.

Mar 15, 2016
Architect Michael Graves

After a spinal cord injury in 2003, prominent architect Michael Graves used his experience in a wheelchair to design new hospital furniture.

Mar 25, 2015
Top 10 SCI Research

What are the most important questions that new research can answer about spinal cord injuries?

Jan 22, 2015
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) has broken ground for a new state-of-the-art medical facility.

Apr 17, 2014
Did You REALLY Get Enough Rehab?

Jeff Shannon, disability rights writer and contributor, argues that the lack of rehab amounts to "criminal neglect."

Jul 24, 2013
Mother and Daughter: How a Devastating Accident Changed their Relationship…for the Better

Arielle was injured at the age of ten, so I have to dig deep to think about how our relationship has changed. She's eighteen now.

May 1, 2012
Disability Resource
Can’t Work Because of a Spinal Cord Injury?

Attorney Dennis Liotta offers an explanation of Social Security disability benefits (SSD) and how to apply for them.

Nov 2, 2011