Clinical Trial of New Drug For SCI
Planned For Fall 2022 in Chicago

By Stephanie Lollino

March 2, 2022

Editor’s Note: There was an overwhelming response to our blogpost about NVG-291, a promising new drug which may enable the spinal cord to repair itself.  The article prompted more views and comments than we have ever had on a single subject. Hundreds the of responses came from people around the world who were eager for more information. So we reached out to the Principal Investigator of the clinical trial, Dr. Monica Perez, of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago, for more specifics – including when the trial is set to begin and how to contact researchers if you’re interested. We will also continue to bring you updates on the trial as they become available.

NVG-291, a new injectable drug that could help people with spinal cord injuries recover feeling and mobility, is intended to be used in human clinical trials later this year at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab in Chicago. “The ability of NVG-291 to demonstrate meaningful recovery in motor function, sensory function and bladder control in animal models is exceptional. If these results translate to patients, NVG-291 could redefine the treatment of spinal cord injury,” says Dr. Monica A. Perez, Principal Investigator at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.

“Participants will be given injections each day for approximately 12 weeks.” Dr. Perez explains. “These injections, we hope, at some point will be able to be self-administered – and if successful, be used at home. One of the important aspects of this single-center trial is that we will use novel methods to assess connections from the brain to the spinal cord and behavioral outcomes.”

Dr. Perez sums up; “If the drug is effective, it would provide an easy-to-use alternative for recovery of movement and feeling. But, right now, it’s just too early to say.”

For information about the trial, contact Sri Vemulakonda ([email protected]). The researchers are creating a registry of people who want to be involved either initially or in a second phase.


Dr. Monica Perez, Scientific Chair, Arms + Hands Lab, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab | Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Northwestern University, Research Scientist Edward Hines Jr., VA Hospital [email protected], @MonicaPerezPhD

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5 responses to “Clinical Trial of New Drug For SCI”

  1. CHRIS MARITZ says:

    I underwent surgery to my lower back at three different times. Now in chronic pain every moment of the day. Would love to participate in the trial. I am from South Africa

  2. William says:

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Will and I am 23 years old. Three months ago I became a quadriplegic however I am regaining movement in my shoulders and my arms. I have been reviewing engulfed in online websites for weeks since my accident and I do believe all things are possible and God has the last word. I believe I will walk again and I believe in the power of medicine. I greatly want to be a candidate and if you choose me I will collaborate with whomever I need too. Please help me and I know there are millions of candidates but just give me a try if possible.

  3. Marinda Cox says:

    My husband broke his neck in 2006. Is walking with great difficulty, battles to use his righthand and arm and not a day goes by that he does not fall. Yet I have never ever heard him complain. He proved all drs wrong who said he will never walk again. He battles on and even survived aggressive cancer twice already.

  4. Averil Knox says:

    I have had 5 surgeries on my neck and back over the past 20 years due to 2 accidents and being mugged three times, I have constant pain especially in my middle back, One of the worst things is I have “electric shocks” that run through my lower legs all the time. I have now started to get these “shocks” now also running from my fingers, Nothing seems to stop them. I do not take pain meds any more. What was prescribed did not help. I occasionally make myself tea of “wild lettuce” which does help. I would really like to find out more about this new drug which is on a clinical trial. I live in the Western Cape of South Africa.
    Yours truly
    Averil Knox.

  5. Bhagvan patidar says:

    Me spinal cord injury peshiant and t3t4 complete injury 13 manth

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