Pictures of People With Disabilities

December 8, 2014

Positive images of people enjoying all aspects of life while sitting in their wheelchairs have historically been hard to find. But no longer.


Image Courtesy Rachelle Chapman Friedman

Rachelle Friedman, who was injured at her own bachelorette party after being playfully pushed into a swimming pool, is promoting a new website that features compelling images of wheelchair users involved in everyday life.

Jennifer Frankfurter for PhotoAbility

They include pictures of people using wheelchairs while enjoying energetic sports activities, traveling to exotic places and of families just having fun together.

The idea behind the website was to create a library of pictures which could be purchased for marketing and advertising purposes. But anyone can take a look at them and find inspiration: visitors have praised them as “breathtaking,” “beautiful“ and “very touching.”


Andrea Jehn Kennedy for PhotoAbility

Rachelle, who married her fiancé after the injury, says: “All our photos feature models with actual disabilities. We feel that once we are represented by a true and complete reality of our lives, it will help eliminate fear and negative stereotyping.”

Browse the gallery of images at


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