Quiz Answer – It’s a Wheelchair Wheel Pouch

September 20, 2016

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-11-09-16-amYet another great invention some wheelchair users can’t live without. That’s because it’s a great place to store frequently used items for short term use. This item also makes it much easier than a backpack to access.

The large outer pouch can carry reading materials, clothing articles and personal items. The larger inner pouch secures cell phones, remotes and valuables.

It even has an easy to launder quilted, fabric which attaches to most wheelchairs with secure hook and loop fasteners.

Some reviews of the product claim;

“This is something I really needed but did not know existed. I can store all of his catheter supplies in here and other things with no fear of them being lost. There are three pockets, which are all useful.”

“Innovative pouch on wheel allows you to store magazines, papers and even an iPad. The catch is that your wheel position controls access.”

Good idea! It attaches with sturdy velcro and couldn’t be easier to put on. My father tried various pouches before that hung over the wheelchair arm, but they would scrape against the wheel. The ones that attach to the back of the chair or underneath the seat were too hard to reach. “

You can get one here at Amazon if you think you might like it.

Thank you for playing – did you get the correct answer?

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