Quiz Answer – it’s an adaptive dog leash!

December 29, 2016

screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-3-55-27-pmThe bike tow leash began as a bike leash for running and exercising a dog safely. The popular leash quickly found its way to being used on wheelchairs also. The stiff yet flexible design keeps the leash from getting tangled — and the dog from getting too close or in front of the individual. The leash keeps both the rider and the dog safe. It makes an outing with a dog pleasurable, hands-free and fun!

screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-3-53-09-pmThe inventor, Bike Tow Leash of  Orlando, FL claims it prevents a dog from tipping the wheelchair, can be installed quickly without tools, fits all scooters wheelchairs and bicycles, and is suitable for every shape and size dog. An added benefit is that the dog is trained to be in the heel position. The American Pet Association gave it 5 stars and it is made in the USA.



Jennifer Piatt, PhD Recreational Therapist/Graduate Program Coordinator, School of Public Health; Indiana University, Bloomington

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2 responses to “Quiz Answer – it’s an adaptive dog leash!”

  1. Eva says:

    Can anyone give me some thoughts on how to walk a dog on a leash when I have bad balance due to CP and I use crutches? I’ve just gotten a puppy to train as a service dog and I and my dog trainer are flummoxed. I’m not as afraid of falling as I am Finn pulling the leash out of my hand and getting away. I am experimenting with a waist leash too but that leaves the leash in front of or behind my crutch, and of course puppy pulls and it’s easy to knock me over. I use a swing through gait so in part of every “step” my feet are off the ground and all my weight is on my crutches. Many thanks for any ideas.

  2. Eva says:

    Anyone have experience or ideas walking a dog on a leash with crutches? I have CP and of course terrible balance and use a swing through gait. I have a 16 week old puppy I am training as a service dog. I am experimenting with various no pull harnesses but so far no luck, and the whole thing has me and my trainer flummoxed. I am not so afraid of falling but am afraid Finn will pull the leash out of my hand or knock me down and get away. We are trying a waist leash but that puts the leash crossing either in front of or behind my crutch, making it easy for Finn to pull my crutch out of my hand. Ideas?

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