Voters With Disabilities Face Greater Health Risks During COVID-19

October 13, 2020

Voting With SCI – Here’s the Deal

As the pandemic continues to grow, voters with spinal cord injury face serious risks from COVID-19 due to their higher rates of pulmonary conditions, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.






These websites contain information about how to vote safely if you have a disability:
US Election Assistance Commission:
AAPD American Association of People With Disabilities
FAQ’s For Voting and Voting Safely in 2020:
Find your Local US Election Office:
National Disability Rights Network:
State by state voting information:
ADA Voting Guidelines:
Recent articles in popular publications that can help you prepare to cast your vote:

‘A Failed System’: What It’s Like to Vote With a Disability During a Pandemic
New York Times:

What the Disability Community Should Know About Voting in the U.S. Presidential Election
The Mighty:
Voters With Disabilities Face Barriers in 2020 From COVID-19
Teen Vogue:

Eligible Voters With Disabilities Increase By Nearly 20%
Disability Scoop:

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