FacingDisability Presents Survey Results

April 23, 2014

2014-04-23_2“The Changing Face of Spinal Cord Injury Education and Support in an Online World” will be presented by FacingDisability at the 2014 Conference of the American Spinal Injury Association in San Antonio, TX, on May 14. is presented as a high-tech, low-cost intervention that expands the delivery of state-of-the-art healthcare via support and education online. The presentation highlights results from a recent online survey of website users. Here is a sample of survey questions and answers.

What sentence describes you best?
I am a person with SCI: 48%
I am a family member of a person with SCI: 19%
I am a healthcare professional: 16%

How old are you?
51 and up: 36%
35-50: 30%
25-34: 22%

How easy was it to navigate our website?
Extremely Easy: 26%
Very Easy: 46%

How helpful were videos by spinal cord injury experts?
Extremely helpful or Very Helpful: 71%

What were the most helpful expert topics?
Spinal Cord Injury 101
Sex and Fertility
Adjusting to Social Life in a Wheelchair
Basics of SCI Rehabilitation

How helpful were personal experience videos?
Extremely Helpful or Very Helpful:70%

What were the most helpful personal experience topics?
Life After SCI
Relationships After SCIsisit
Feelings After SCI
SCI Rehabilitation

How would you rate the overall effectiveness of the website?
Extremely Effective: 28%
Very Effective: 36%
Moderately Effective: 27%

How likely are you to recommend the website to a friend or co-worker?
Extremely Likely: 40%
Very Likely: 31%
Moderately Likely: 15%


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