Preventing Bedsores (Pressure Ulcers)

Interview with Mary Ziegler, MS (24 Q&A videos)


Clinical Nurse Specialist, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, Chicago


Mary Ziegler is a clinical nurse with expert knowledge of bedsores (pressure ulcers) that frequently occur after a spinal cord injury.  In this interview, she explains techniques for early identification and prevention of bedsores.


Her video interview contains basic information on what causes bedsores (pressure ulcers) and how they can be prevented. She gives detailed descriptions of the six stages of pressure sores, how they form and recur, how long they take to heal – and why surgery can be required to repair them. Pressure ulcers commonly affect particular areas of the body, making it important to perform daily skin inspections to identify a developing bedsore. Pressure relief maneuvers, properly fitted wheelchair seats and cushions and proper positioning in bed are crucial to prevent bedsores. Family members and caregivers play a role in prevention. Diet and hydration can also help.

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Clinical Nurse Specialist, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago