Paralysis and Spinal Cord Injury Medical Expert Interviews

Social Worker Assistance After Spinal Cord Injury

Social workers are specialized care workers who help people with spinal cord injuries make a smooth transition from hospital to home and everyday life. This section includes interviews with three highly experienced professional social workers who explain what they do.


The experts focus on how to make a good adjustment to life in a wheelchair for patients (3 Q&A videos), and for families (3 Q&A videos). They explain the elements of an accessible home environment (2 Q&A videos), detail how to help pay for them (1 Q&A video), and discuss how social workers help with the transition from hospital to home (2 Q&A videos). They share their professional knowledge on many aspects of caregiving, including family caregivers (1 Q&A video), how to hire caregiver candidates (3 Q&A videos), government programs that help pay for caregivers (3 Q&A videos), and how to avoid caregiver burnout (2 Q&A videos).